MahaMudra: Great Teaching

See Hevajra empowerment.

Note: This web page may appear as deceptively simple as a great deal of effort was expended to use English rather than a lot of Sanskrit terms that can take forever to try and understand. Also Christianity and the Bible are synonymously explained to make these teachings easier to grasp. As you grow these teaching must grow with you. Please return over the years as my aspiration is to help you grow spiritually.

Mahamudra means Great Teaching of directly pointing out reality or the nature of mind, divided into three groups of ground, path and fruition. As pervasive reality or inherent mind is ineffable, the pointing out instructions must be practice to be understood and realized by naked insight (sunyata) without support (not an epiphany), thus labels such as religion, philosophy, science and spirituality are meaningless for this Great Teaching when truly practiced and attainment occurs. Supreme effort is required to maintain Mahamudra and meet challenges in a dualistic fixated universe.

These teachings can be referred to as whispered, secret or mysterious as anything that is great, people want to possess rather than share. Also, Great Teachings are difficult to understand.

This Great Teaching is the essence of simplicity, dissolving the corruption that buildings and large organizations with huge expenses tend to bring. This Great Teaching is developed by many Great Teachers so that the Great Teachings serves countless beings on the path to enlightenment.

This great teaching does not require renowned scholarship or being in the wealth few but it does require perfecting generosity, ethics, patience and meditative concentration leading to transcending wisdom. Without these perfection, talking of skillful means is like "whispering" the pointing out instructions in the center of a deafening thunder storm.

See Samatha: Calm Abiding Meditation as this is like building the roots and foundation of meditation. It is very important to understand that meditations without images such as Calm Abiding Meditation and meditations such as Shri Hevajra are both necessary and develop the same enlightenment and the ability to help others reach enlightenment. The difference between Samatha, Mahamudra and Shri Hevajra is Skillful Means, where either you or the spiritual friend has wisdom and abilities beyond what most people have in this universe of dualistic fixation.

When one has perfected Coincidental Joy by being beyond attachment and aversion to those near and far, then the arising thoughts of all the Enlightened (God and His helper) are Coincidental in your mind and vice versa. This is how one "talks". Know this in your heart.

See Practice for dissolving untoward passions so that one begins to know who one really is.

Vajrapani is one such great being that represents the mind of all the enlighten and thus Vajrapani wields the vajra, making Vajrapani's mudra Maha.

Vajrapani can be wrathful or peaceful and mainly the form expressed here is peaceful.

When people translate Mahamudra as The Great Seal they are misunderstanding what the Earth Touching Mudra meant. When Shakyamuni (Buddha) became fully enlightened, Shakyamuni "touched" the ground confirming that the enlightened help purify beings through purifying earth, water, light heat and air. This is the reverse position of the right hand open and fingers pointed downward presenting "the wish fulfilling jewel (precious being)" to be used to attain enlightenment, a more important Mudra. Shakyamuni turned his right hand and touched the earth to "seal" his accomplishment and understanding. The Coincidental exchange is Vajra waves through earth, water, firelight and air not the ground shaking. There has been an unbroken succession of beings attaining enlightenment and manifesting Coincidental Vajra waves on earth since the time of Shakyamuni.

The Mahamudra of Vajrapani is:

Left hand in front of the heart: middle and ring finger are curled and held by the thumb with the first and small finger slightly curled and point upward. The hand is far enough away from the body to enable the hand to appear parallel to the body in front of the heart. An undefined gannet (bell) is held .

Right hand: holds a vajra that is held by all fingers with the tip resting in the center of the palm and the other top point strait up to the right of the body with the tip level with the center of the forehead.

The left hand represents protection and teaching where all the enlightened are equal or level in truth.

The right hand represents that the enlightened mind is not necessarily within the body but resides in the Dharmodgata (embodiment of the truth).

The combination of hands represents that all the enlightened families reside in the cakra mandala of Vajrapani. In true love Vajrapani wields the words and deeds of all the enlightened to bring rapid enlightenment (this lifetime) to those ready in this world of dualistic fixation. Also, the wielding of the Vajra is direct empowerment of teaching (without words) that are required for rapid progress in a difficult situation.

It is true that one cannot prove the truth of spirituality as one cannot prove science and technology (certain conditions have a high probability of occurring in experiments and apparent reality) in this universe of dualistic fixation. However, one can know the truth of spirituality by following the teachings till one accomplishes knowing the truth. This is like meeting an old friend where one may not be able to prove that this is the old friend from the past but one knows the truth of the relationship.

When one knows the truth then one knows the truth of the relationship to God and His Helpers or all the enlightened.

Fruition Mahamudra and PrajnaJnanaParamita and Sunyata

PrajnaJnanaParamita: Perfections of the Bhumi

PerfectWisdom or BodhiMandala, without impure illumination and with purifying illumination are the same.

Effortless Mahamudra.

Tilopa and Naropa


Mahamudra circa 1990

Mahamudra and Dharmachakra are connected, see . and follow the links.

2 Corinthians 1 is and excellent Biblical expressions of Mahamudra practice as Paul sends Titus to Corinth to deal with false teachers.

Practice guide and advice

Other Maha Mudras

Overselling the product

Simple stated, Mahamudra is letting your mind rest in perfection and letting your mind arise within perfection (God and His Helpers/ all the Enlightened).

The Heart Sutra is a very good teaching in the style of Mahamudra as even the explanation of the Mantra is Mantra.

As Shri Hevajra is the supreme Siddhi of Mahamudra, here is a link for discussion and further writings on Shri Hevajra. Another view is Blooming Flowers of True Love.

See Samayu (sacred relationships)


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