Effortless MahaMudra

See Hevajra Teaching for the Four Empowerments.

These Four Empowerments, when accomplish, brings awareness of the profound effort of all the enlightened.

This awareness brings the sense that no effort is required to meditate or help enlightened all beings.

This does not mean, that at times great effort is required to enlighten all beings and meditating is very difficult.

This occurs due to the effects of all those who are not enlightened when one is in this universe of dualistic fixation.

Similar sayings are that there is no difference between meditation and non-meditation.

However, in all this it is important to remember that the waves of dualistic fixation cause lotus blossom to be torn apart and beings to be buried under the water and mud.

.Keep dissolving your own dualistic fixations of body speech and mind, and of all beings in this universe of dualistic fixations by saying Mantras and visualizing yourself as meditations prescribes are boundlessly beneficial. No complete meditations are more spiritually powerful than this.

In the magical dance of light upon light the luminous MAHAMUDRA is revealed.


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