Mahamudra is a subtle and complex subject that expresses the inexpressible by using words and minimal images to point out truth.

Mahamudra is part of all practices and is a practice but should only be practice in and of itself when one has gone through a firm relationship with a sufficient number of good teachers.

This web page is based upon a song by Lodro Thaye from the Rain of Wisdom, Shambhala 1980.

Note: For Christian, the first line can be The Guru is The Trinity and His Helpers


The Guru is Cittavajra Akshobhya and Mamaki surrounded by the four outer and four inner Gurus

Worldly teachers, in good times are lamps of these outer and inner families

While in bad times stop the waves of dualistic fixation from extinguishing the lamp of truth


Arising phenomena dwelling in awareness is riding the horse of meditation within Buddha fields

Guiding others in relationships is the elephant of aspirations

Enjoying good friends in the oasis of moonlight is fine posture


Ground Mahamudra is the equanimity of the moon, the sun and the stars

Path Mahamudra is merging ones own luminosity

Fruition Mahamudra is inverting the benefiting luminosity of all the enlightened


Grounding Mahamudra is like swimming in quicksand

It is good to be light until the mirror like awareness of self and others

Distills who one is in the coincidental activity of all the enlighten


Inverting embodiments is the garments of meditations

Union is the calm friend within perfection

Liberating self and others clears one's mind


Treading the path of Mahamudra, attachments and aversions are the natural teacher

Of separating the subtleties of rights and wrongs

Until the truths flows like a garland of jewels


Enjoyment is knowing the precise tool to benefit those near and far

Teaching neither arises nor ceases

Friends neither come nor go in the tears of suffering


The flowers of fruition Mahamudra blooms in the actualization of liberating all

In the path of being unborn in the temporary embodiment

Grounding those who tread on the face of all the enlightened


One knows the way home

Is guiding others home

In the house of the clear view in the center of centerless luminosity



Mahamudra: Practice Guide and Advice