Other Maha Mudras

There are other very important Mudras. The key objective is to return all beings to Heaven, thus the Mudras beside Mahamudra are very important.

As mind is essential the same and arises from the same essence, the difference are important as everyone is unique but all the enlightened work together in absolute cohesion.

One must understand Coincidental Awareness (and this Mudra) as this is how beings coincidence from the same essence to be different and how when beings can assume the same form one is still aware of who the beings are.

One must meditate to understand this for saying to much can cause overconfidence in those who read the description but cannot retain understanding for the remainder of their life.

The other is the Discriminating Awareness Mudra where one understand minute differences between right and wrong and become a great teacher to empower people quickly without words but still one must meditate to understand the words that are spoken.

To discuss these Mudras in detail is more suitable when discussing these specific mediations.