Overselling the product

All religion oversell the product to attract people. Teachers must be sensitive to the problem that overselling can defeat the goal that people must work and pray strenuously to return to Heaven.

There is a basis for this overselling as this universe of dualistic fixation is like an illusion. Thus, in a sense you can never truly harm or help anyone but both of you can believe (with physical justification) that you are helping or harming beings as the illusion appears very real.

It is your beliefs (your mind projects your experiences in your conscious and subconscious mind) that make you suffer or bring happiness. Overcoming these belief is not easy and why practice till perfection is so necessary. All religions have a mixture of good and bad advice on overcoming these beliefs.

I can offer no simple advice except that have confidence that being sincere that everyone needs to pray as much as possible.

People may wonder why I write with such certainty. This is to write as though the enlightened guide my hand. Whether this is true or not does not matter as much as how you perceive what I say and whether all the enlightened guide your mouth when you speak about what I say.

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