As the world we live in is complex, it is not easy to summaries or list defining elements.

Basis: Life is unsatisfactory due to suffering that exists in this universe. We suffer due to our good and bad actions of body, speech and mind. Birth causes distortions of our perceptions of self and others that must be overcome by attaining perfection.

Generally there are six or ten perfections. As one transcends this universe of dualistic fixation by perfecting Wisdom Awareness then one goes from six to ten perfections. The ten perfections use the Sanskrit term of Bhumi or stages of divisions of perceptions of the universe.

The perfections are beautiful to study as the perfection are well ordered and carefully specified. Generosity and Ethics and Manners are the first two.

Without generosity one cannot begin a spiritual path and to know generosity one must perfect ethics and manners as the careful, powerful person can appear to be generous.

To perfect ethics one must develop Patience and Perseverance as people test your generosity and ethics. A sincere person needs to concentrate with prayer and mediation (Meditative Concentration) as one can quickly hide deceit subconsciously.

When one becomes honest with oneself then one is aware of wisdom or perfect Wisdom Awareness as wisdom is profound and subtle.

The Bhumi become Skillful Means, Aspiration, Spiritual Power and Pervasive Arising Wisdom.

Any scholar is humbled by the great and vast teachings on these ten subjects.

Next, body, speech and mind must be perfected and this process can be seen as three more levels.

Finally there are many more levels as one tries to transform as many people as possible.