Fruition Mahamudra, PrajnaJnanaParamita and Sunyata

Fruition Mahamudra and PrajnaJnanaParamita are so profound and subtle teachings that they are mainly taught as the transmission from one great teachers to the greatest student of that teacher as this is where one is aware of how the enlighten are enlightening all the unenlightened. This is where Mindfulness should be used. The inseparability of Wisdom and Sunyata is when one masters Transcending Awareness where one is aware of all the enlightened and Innate Wisdom where one realizes ones own path to benefit others.

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The Heart Sutra as PrajnaJnanaParamita is different in that its is a profound teaching and Mantra on the subject. Note that there is a difference between Teaching PrajnaJnanaParamita (Beyond worldly Wisdom), Avalokitesvara and being PrajnaJnanaParamita, Manjushri


The transmission between Dharmodgata and Sadaprarudita is one such remarkable story. See The Jewel Ornament Of Liberation ISBN 1-55939-092-1 Page 340.

Sadaprarudita came to a level of purification in his efforts searching for the PrajnaJnanaParamita and a Buddha figure appeared before him and said to go and meet Dharmodgata.

This increased his efforts and he received remarkable teaching from more Buddha figures appearing before him. This remarkable occurrence made him lose his focus and he asked who his spiritual teacher is rather than focusing on Dharmodgata. The Buddha figures said to make great offerings and Sadaprarudita came out of his meditation state.

Sadaprarudita does accumulate great offerings and finally meets Dharmodgata who gives a remarkable teaching to Sadaprarudita and accepts the offerings but later returns the offerings as Sadaprarudita did not achieve complete enlightenment from the experience.

Dharmodgata enters into a meditative state in the Vajra position. Sadaprarudita realizes what is occurring and knows he cannot sit in the Vajra position as long as Dharmodgata and vows to walk or stand until Dharmodgata come out of this meditative state that takes seven years.

A great teaching area was prepared for Dharmodgata and he gave an exceptional teaching that essentially said that all the misunderstanding of the Dharma and the perfect understand of the Dharma lead to enlightenment as all the enlightened continue to guide everyone until everyone reaches this state. The enlightened do not come or go anywhere in this process, the enlightened are always there for you.

A more detailed description is: image of Dharmodgata The Herat Sutra is of essential important to Buddhism as it was formulated at the time of the Buddha around 2500 years ago.

As of any great teaching, people memorize what other supposed great teachers said was the meaning of this great teaching or even the correct translation into English.

This obscuration prevents other students from gaining the benefit of the teaching as confusion arises. Very good teachers then try and “purify” the misunderstand to help their students reach enlightenment.

Essentially what Dharmodgata said to his student was that clinging to the nature of impure “teachings” is the same as clinging to the nature of complete pure teachings. This means that one can clear up the impure teaching and ones own delusion and reach enlightenment or one can clear up ones own impure perception of complete pure teaching and reach enlightenment. Either way will work.

Impure teaching of others and yourself are the same. Even a perfect teacher has impure translators or other impure helpers, thus these people are the same and you must purify yourself in either environment and continually develop your own spiritual powers to benefit others.

This is a very remarkable furthering of transcending wisdom where one goes beyond (transcends) most commonly misunderstood perceptions. Art and words written on a page are both images and no matter how fine either is, neither may bring enlightenment. .

Sadaprarudita achieved complete enlightenment from this teaching.

Unfortunately, today people corrupt this teaching by saying that I will reach enlightenment no matter what I do so I will continue to sin or that all paths are equally is good so I can practice whatever and reach enlightenment.

This is misinterpreting the final teaching and causes many people to suffer even more and fall backwards away from enlightenment.

People need to read these kind of stories and understand the difficulty it causes the teacher and the student when the student does not focus well.

Dharmodgata sat for seven years and Sadaprarudita stood and walked for seven years. This is what happens with exceptional people. The problems are much greater with those not as fortunate.

Dharmodgata and Sadaprarudita are important as they are contemporary to Jesus see Coincidental Joy see Genesis_18_19 for a teaching when good people are not developed to maintain morality.

There is incredible joy in these transmission teachings as the cause of the possibility of oneself reaching enlightenment in this lifetime is clearly demonstrated by the ground, path and fruition as effort, blessing and teachings coincidence.

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