Mahamudra, Tilopa and Naropa


Fruition Mahamudra is ineffable and must be pointed to in meditation instructions that when practiced bring enlightenment

Naropa, your perseverance in following mediation instruction

Demonstrate your ability to find Truth in the magical play of reality

Follow thus and become my heart son


Illusionary space is innate to all phenomena

While Mahamudra, though innate, neither comes nor goes

Rest in this reality

Truth is then everywhere and one is no longer a slave to the chains of dualistic thought


Do not accept or reject thoughts

Until the space between thoughts

Is captured

Coincidental in Truth


Phenomena and thoughts

Ultimately have nowhere to come from and nowhere to go to

Resting in this

Clearly, is being Thus


Clear luminosity

Has no form or color

This tool of mind

In Truth, does only good in purifying evil


Those in pure truth, know, no time

Their space is everywhere

Those that chase time

Are bounded by time and do not see this vast truth


Only fools

With limited time

Ponder this and that

Grasping for time that is not there


The nature of Mind, naturally arises

Do not chase a dream with a dream


Move your body, only to benefit others

Teach what the enlighten say

Be in mirror like activity to the enlightened


Pure Body

Pure Speech

And Pure Mind coincidence, innately, within the enlightened


The restless mind projects its craziness on others

Rest in your own true mind to be truth


Mahamudra is not seen

In images of truth

No mater how true

But is realized in the activity of the enlightened


Do not cloud your mind in this or that

Clear thought

Is not thinking

Like profound meditation

Is neither here nor there

But bounded to the enlightened purifying all


Again and again return to this

All pervasive teaching

Until continuous,

Delusions dissolve

In the teachings of innate luminosity


Do not cling to fools like a fool

In the endless stream of fools

End foolishness now

Rely on yourself

Until you know what the true teacher taught


Coincidental joy exists

Planting the seeds of suffering is foolish

The Noble son does not fixate

The Noble son is not distracted

The Noble son wastes no effort

In hope or fear of pure luminosity


Without time the mind dwells in clear luminosity

As clear luminosity is everywhere, the path is gone

All pervasive clear luminosity is complete enlightenment


Meditate on this universe of dualistic fixation

With a beginning there is an end

In this dream

That only ends, at the end of suffering in coincidental joy


Dissolve the bonds of dualistic fixation

Meditate in your own solitude of being

Rest in clear luminosity

When clear luminosity is all pervasive, this is Mahamudra


A tree and the human body is a good analogy

Deprive a tree of water and it dies

Dissolve the water in your blood to pure luminosity and you live forever


The darkness of evil last for billions of years

The Buddha's timelessness

Of empowering others

Enlightens timelessly


Coincidental joy

Cannot be analyzed but realized

If you want coincidental joy

Rest in continuous clear luminosity


Grasp the point of conceptualization and and make it be truth

Dissolve the view of self and others

Yourself and others must change themselves

Continuously antagonistic thoughts dissolve

Rest continuously in clear luminosity

What is left of appearances will dissolve on its own


The Noble son of outlooks lets phenomena judge phenomena

The Noble son of practices flows in purifying change and rests from those who cannot now change

The Noble behavior is resting in clear luminosity in the midst of dualistic fixation

The Noble fruition is not straying from clear luminosity


Meditate as a river from source to ocean

Without pointlessly judging the earth

Where beings throw their mind in the river and watch their mind float away


When dullness and distractions arise

Ride the awareness of breath and thoughts until refreshing rest arises

Do not use a band-aid to still a run away mind

But rest in the activity of clear luminosity


There is no practice with a sexual partner beyond having a Noble child

Clear luminosity opens the lotus mandala throughout embodiments

Stimulated by the perfect speech of The Great Compassionate ones Mantra

Clear luminosity knows

No boundaries


This life is an instant in the face of eternity

Health is an endless chain of events

Be the clear luminosity that enlightens one and all


Notes: If Tilopa's Mahamudra teaching did not say this then, Tilopa would say this now. Supposedly there is no Sanskrit version of this teaching.

Other teaching posted on the internet are to long for pith instruction but were probably developed in the transition of teachings from Naropa to Marpa and other Tibetans. Mahamudra teaching are spontaneous and natural.

These teachings are very connected to the Heart Sutra. Sunyata is translated in the Heart Sutra as purifying illumination and hear as clear luminosity (clear: absolutely pure; luminosity: the quality of being intellectually brilliant, enlightened). Sariputra, in the Heart Sutra, founded Nalanda University where Naropa was one on the last great teachers. The Heart Sutra was losing its potency and a different emphasis was needed to enlighten Naropa as Islam was dominating India causing a push of Buddhism to Tibet.

Several very good Tibetan teacher gave me the basis of these teachings that were tailored to suits my needs and our relationship. May this document help ease some troubled minds.

So called space can be relative but no one or no instrument has ever seen or detected absolute darkness. What could one use to detect absolute darkness? Space, where there is nothing is a nihilistic concept that corrupts faster than any other concept. Space is full of light, ions and various waves that we cannot see but are detected by instruments.

A teacher is definitely required but a various times in relationships a good teacher must encourage independence as one must make decisions and accomplishments independent from the teacher. This is why Tilopa is including himself and Naropa as being foolish to "push" Naropa into enlightenment. There are a significant number of incidences where Tilopa breaks down Naropa attachment to the teacher student relationship. Naropa was a famous teacher at Nalanda University before meeting Tilopa.

Tilopa requested the ball and chain while on the path to complete enlightenment. The ball represents Dharmadhatu, the sphere of the teaching of truth that are truth. As long as we have this body of dualistic fixation we must remain fettered to the Dharmadhatu or we will go astray even when completely enlightened.

Open is not a good term for enlightenment or a way to be as events can go on for infinity but the events can be closed and bounded. These bonds can be dissolved but effort is required and acceptance that this is so.



Mahamudra: Practice Guide and Advice